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Hotmail is one of the free web based mailing services with highest number of users. Also called Microsoft Hotmail, its error free performance and top quality have made it Users’ First Choice. Even Gmail and Yahoo mail are the second most concern for emailing purposes. It can be accessed through the web browser, POP3 e-mail clients or IMAP4 supported e-mail applications. It has a user friendly interface with advanced features like chat, voice mail and huge storage space. It is one stop solution for all email needs. Despite of all the emailing facilities, you can with no surety get totally away from Hotmail errors. Hotmail help desk is meant for your comfort only.

Usage Of Hotmail Customer Service Email On Issues & Glitches

Hotmail Customer Service Email is available at 1 877 778 8969. Email Helpdesk offers quick Hotmail support through Microsoft certified technicians as we understand how important your e-mails could be and your business/work should not suffer due to unavailability of your access to your e-mails. Our certified technicians are available 24/7 to deal with your Hotmail problems. Call Hotmail phone number now to get instant Hotmail support and get uninterrupted access to your e-mails.

Hotmail Help Desk Email Support For Reliable Solution

Hotmail is one of the email support service which are to be provided by Microsoft. Hotmail comes with latest technology and enhanced features for connection, spam monitoring, easy configuration. Hotmail is one of the main email service providers. It consists of user friendly interface and has extra features like video chat and large storage capacity. Maximum number of users is using it because of its efficient performance. Many issues arise like hotmail password recovery, sign out problem.

Hotmail Help Phone Number is available at our toll free number 1-877-778-8969 on 24*7 over the globe. Email desk resolve all the glitches which customer may face at a cost effective way. Anytime,From Anywhere you can call us and ask your problems and get solution by our tech support team.We support you in all aspect as Customer Satisfaction is our primary goal. We feel happy to help you.


Hotmail Support Service Features

  • We create new hotmail accounts
  • We change your account settings on your request
  • We customize and organize your account settings as you request
  • Fix hotmail email problems
  • Fix hotmail account problems
  • Receive an error message while sending or receiving e-mail.
  • Unable to filter junk e-mails.
  • Unable to block unwanted e-mail address.
  • Troubleshoots plagues in emails
  • Helps managing your webmail services
  • Provides proper guidance on how to be a expert user
  • Enabling of a Hassle free installation & system optimization of email platforms
  • Quick filtration of mail inbox and outbox also the others like spam, trash, drafts etc.
  • Guidance on how to make interesting signatures and attractive as well
  • Guides you on usage of banner and html files on webmail

Hotmail Common Issues

  • Installation and Restoration of e-mail backup of Hotmail before Upgrade to Desired Versions.
  • Problems in Reading and Composing mail
  • Issues in POP and IMAP
  • Problem in receiving mail and attachments
  • Unable to block unwanted e-mail address
  • Up-gradation of Hotmail Clients.


  • Q: How To Recover Hotmail Password?

    1- Open the home page. Hotmail has changed names to
    2- Click the "Can't access your account?" link. 
    3- Select "I forgot my password" and click "Next".
    Note- You can recover inactive accounts for up to 365 days since the last time you logged in. And in case of manually deactivating an account, users have 30 days to retrieve and reactivate it before it is permanently deleted.

  • Q: Can’t Access To Account Link?

    In order if the user is unable to access to account link, then-
    » Enter the Hotmail address you need access to in the "Microsoft account" field.
    » Fill out the Captcha.
    » Now click "Next".
    In order to get access to the password reset page, user needs to verify their identity with Microsoft. There are several methods for doing so, depending on the contact preferences user had set for their account.

  • Q: How To Select Verification Method?

    To get access to any account it is necessary to choose a way of verification, here are the methods-
    Select a verification method: 
    Email - If you have previously set a secondary email for your account associated with your account, a verification code will be sent to it.
    Phone Number - You must have associated a phone number with your account when you had access to it. Microsoft can text you a unique code to verify your identity.

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